Jesus Ambassadors Mission Ministries Inc.

Come experience God’s power

Sundays Worship & Healing Service @ 2:30pm, Saskatoon, SK - 1502 Acadia Drive

Mission Outreach: North Battleford, SK - 1291  109th Street & 13th Avenue - Saturday @ 10:00 am


Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ,

as though God were pleading through us:

we implore you on Christ’s behalf,

be reconciled to God. NKJV




Our Story

How JAMM Came to Be :)

During the ministering time on November 8, 2008 at a music conference held in Winnipeg, the speaker uttered a prophetic message to Apostle Romy Cusay that God is calling him to become a Captain of Champions.

The following day, November 9 during the worship service, the same speaker released the same message to Pastor Romy about being the Captain of Champions.

Apostle Romy was meditating and asking the Lord about that prophetic message until December 17 at 1:32 pm, while he was in the underground parking lot of the Centre Mall in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, the Lord brought him in 2 Corinthians 5:20 and the Lord gave him a revelation to “mobilize His ambassadors” in three things. Mobilize my ambassadors for unity to execute Jeremiah 1:10. Mobilize my ambassadors for massive and one-on-one evangelism (2 Timothy 4:1-5) and Discipleship (Matthew 28:19-20). Mobilize my ambassadors to become a watchman or intercessors in their respective community, town, province and nation.


In that same parking area, Apostle Romy was meditating the given vision and apostolic words for him in connection to the prophetic message that was released upon his life in November of 2008. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit reminded him about the role of the Filipino and the Philippines as a nation for Israel in 1947, because of the “yes” vote of Mr. Sumulong in favor of Israel to become an independent state, and the prophetic destiny of the Philippines as a missionary nation to the world. And while Apostle Romy was praying at that moment, the Holy Spirit also reminded him about the stand of Canada in supporting Israel. And the word FILCACS (Filipino Canadian Ambassadors for Christ of Saskatchewan) was conceived in his heart to support the prophetic message of God in this province for revival.

More than three years of prayer and fasting about the Vision for Ambassadors for Christ, on Nov. 17, 2011, Apostle Romy and his wife, Apostle Vilma decided to invite their friends in a lunch fellowship meeting to share the Vision of God in FILCACS, but it was rejected. Apostle Vilma advised Apostle Romy not to pursue the said vision because of her frustration. But Apostle Romy insisted to continue the vision and to overcome the challenges, and by the grace of God, FILCACS was registered and launched in March 30, 2013 as a para-church.

After the launching, FILCACS fulfilled her mandate to execute Jeremiah 1:10 by dedicating different cities of Saskatchewan unto the Lord every holidays.

Twenty (20) months later, in December 8, 2014, while Apostle Romy was praying at 8:00 am, the Holy Spirit reminded him about the prophecy upon his life in 2008 about being the Captain of Champions and the vision of Ambassadors for Christ.

After his prayer, he opened the revelation of the Holy Spirit to Apostle Vilma and she answered, “the Lord is leading you to lead a ministry that you are the captain.” On that same day, Apostle Romy searched for a name about the Ambassador, and JAMM (Jesus Ambassadors Mission Ministries)Inc. was approved by the Registry of Saskatchewan.

Seven (7) years of waiting in God's timing since the prophecy and the vision was released. Seven (7) is a number of completeness and fulfillment. And JAMM was launched in Saskatoon, being the headquarters last July 1, 2015. (Canada day)

To God be the glory!


Apostle Romy, Apostle Vilma and their son Jeruel Cusay.

We are God’s servants, mobilizing God’s ambassadors to become courageous & radical witnesses for Christ.